Manage your GOO Baby eggs!

GOO Feeding

GOO Baby eggs can be fed GOO, too! When fed, eggs will level up. Each level requires 5% more GOO than the last. Here is all the data for common eggs at each DNA:


  • Base level cost: 1000

  • Max level: 30


  • Base level cost: 1500

  • Max level: 35


  • Base level cost: 2000

  • Max level: 40


  • Base level cost: 2500

  • Max level: 50


  • Base level cost: 2500

  • Max level: 50


GOO baby eggs can also be fused with other eggs that share the same rarity and DNA to create an egg of the next rarity tier. For example, two Common Standard GOO Baby eggs can be fused to receive a single Rare Standard GOO Baby egg!When two eggs are fused, the new egg's starting level will be the average of the two fused eggs. The new egg's max level will be the starting level plus 50. For example, if our two fused Common Standard eggs were both at the max level of 30, the Rare Standard GOO Baby egg would start at level 30, and have a max level of 80!

Fusing Rarities

  • Common

  • Rare

  • Legendary

  • Exalted

  • Divine

Hatchery Upgrades

In order to fuse pets to a new rarity tier, your hatchery must be upgraded to the appropriate level.

Hatchery 1

  • Cost: 50,000 GOO

  • Unlocks Common -> Rare fusing

Hatchery 2

  • Cost: 250,000 GOO

  • Unlocks Rare -> Legendary fusing

Hatchery 3

  • Cost: 1,000,000 GOO

  • Unlocks Legendary -> Exalted fusing

Hatchery 4

  • Cost: 5,000,000 GOO

  • Unlocks Exalted -> Divine fusing

Hatchery 5

  • Cost: 50,000,000 GOO

  • Unlocks Leaderboards (Sum of top 10 highest level eggs)

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