In an effort to keep the MicroBuddies rapid reproduction under control, the nanobiologists created apoptosis, or in other words, a way to kill your MicroBuddy😲

In order to initiate apoptosis, you will need at least two MicroBuddies. First, the target buddy, who will be burned in exchange for 1% of all GOO they produced during their lifetime (minimum reward: 1 GOO). Second, the receiver buddy/buddies, who will receive the GOO minted from the target. Any GOO the receiver(s) does not have carrying capacity for will not be minted.

Apoptosis can be an effective way of removing barren MicroBuddies, or making certain generations more scarce. However, even the most useless of MicroBuddies can still make for valuable collectibles - so consider the consequences before initiating apoptosis!

Founder MicroBuddies cannot be the target of apoptosis.

Apoptosis is affected by the PEG value.

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