The 10 Founder MicroBuddies (FounderBuddies) are special MicroBuddies that represent each of the 10 species of the game. They cannot replicate and do not produce goo naturally (barren). Instead, they split an equal share of 1% of all the GOO spent in the game.


FounderBuddies exist to incentivize their holders to maintain and grow the game. The first 9 will be distributed to the founding team of MicroBuddies. The final Waterbear FounderBuddy, head of the founders, will be auctioned on an NFT marketplace for the public.

Founder MicroBuddies can be bought and sold just like any other MicroBuddy.


All GOO used for replication fees, as described here, that is not immediately burnt is stored in a smart contract. Holders of FounderBuddies may claim their share of the smart contract balance once per week (estimated in blocks). The first person to claim will receive 10% of the smart contract balance. After that, any claim from another Founder will be granted the exact same amount, not necessarily 10%. Once a week (estimated in blocks) has passed since the first claim was made, the next claim will take 10% of the balance and set the claim amount for the following week, and so on. This process is made so that each Founder MicroBuddy holder will receive the same amount of GOO each week that they claim, without gamifying the timing of the claim.

FounderBuddies also have a maximum GOO holding equal to 1% of the total GOO supply.

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