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Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

  • A unit of data stored on a blockchain that is provably unique. Digital artworks, photos, videos, music, and video game items are some examples of things that can be made into a non-fungible token.
The opposite of non-fungible is fungible (non-unique). Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other currencies are examples of fungible items.


  • The official virtual currency of MicroBuddies. GOO is required to perform all essential functions of the game, such as replication and genetic recombobulation. It is earned passively by all non-barren MicroBuddies based on multiple factors. Learn more about GOO.

GOO Per Day (GPD)

  • The measure of how much GOO a MicroBuddy produces per day, based on a number of factors documented in GOO Production.

Peg Value

  • A global value which affects all GOO production. It is designed to keep the GOO supply near its peg of 5 billion. More details.


  • Unable to replicate or produce GOO.


  • A MicroBuddy who can no longer hold GOO due to reaching their max holdings capacity.

Extraction Encumbered

  • A MicroBuddy who would exceed their max holdings capacity if their pending GOO was extracted.

Divine Buddy

  • A MicroBuddy who has obtained the highest trait ID for all six of its dominant traits.


  • The act of creating a new token, such as GOO or a MicroBuddy.


  • The act of permanently removing a token from the supply.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

  • An organization or company represented by rules enforced by code, and controlled by all of its members. A DAO is free from centralized leadership and governance.