About MicroBuddies™

The story of MicroBuddies - GOO producing, self-replicating microbes!

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MicroBuddies is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) strategy game featuring 10 species of cute, lovable, and not evil Microbes that passively produce a virtual currency called GOO.

Unlike other breeding games, MicroBuddies reproduce aesexually through a process known as replication. Replicating a MicroBuddy requires GOO and will create a new MicroBuddy of the next generation with traits inherited from its parent. As a general rule, the better the traits, the better the GOO production.

The MicroBuddies game world contains a number of tools players can leverage in order to enhance their MicroBuddy's traits with each new replication. However, player's must think carefully and strategically about how they use these tools, as each MicroBuddy has a finite number of replications before it becomes barren.

The first 2,500 MicroBuddies, known as Generation 0, are an extremely scarce set of MicroBuddies that give birth to the rest of the game. Each has 5 total replications. From there things become.. exponential.

MicroBuddies is played on the Polygon blockchain.

The Mission

Our ultimate mission is to demonstrate the power tokenized ownership can bring to player.

By mixing blockchain technology with game theory, we believe we can create positive feedback loops of value accrual within the robust universe that is MicroBuddies. Everything we do is meant to provide value or useful service to our holders.

Our vision: to demonstrate the power tokenized ownership can bring to the player.

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